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    Butterfly Pattern Webinar   

    Price:  $49.95 


    (Approximately 70 Minutes)

    This webinar is presented by Scott Carney.  Scott refined the structure in his 1998 book, “The Harmonic Trader,” which has now become the industry standard.  Although others have analyzed the pattern, Scott’s definition created the ideal conditions to define the best opportunities.  The ideal alignment of ratios has been recognized throughout the industry and has become a classic harmonic pattern.

    In this webinar, Scott will demonstrate how to identify the pattern, offer a thorough explanation of the pattern’s origin and outline how to apply the pattern to future trading opportunities through numerous examples.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • The Origin of the Butterfly Pattern.
    • The importance of pattern differentiation and the need for the ideal alignment of ratios to validate the best opportunities.
    • How to Identify the Pattern.
    • The importance of the AB=CD pattern in the setup.
    • How to Analyze the harmonic measurements to define the Butterfly Pattern Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ).
      • Bullish Illustrations and Examples
      • Bearish Illustrations and Examples
    • Learn to read price action that dictates valid opportunities at the completion of patterns and defines stop loss limits.
    • The Importance of the price action at the pattern’s completion point.
    • The Butterfly Pattern Summary

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