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    Harmonic Pattern Collection for Technician IQ - Product Image

    Harmonic Pattern Collection for Technician IQ   

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    From harmonics pattern creator and pioneer Scott Carney comes this harmonic pattern recognition toolkit exclusively for Technician IQ.

    The Harmonic Pattern Collection makes Harmonic Trading easy, as it automatically scans and identifies trading opportunities, doing all of the work for you. Over the past decade, harmonic patterns have become one of the most popular technical tools used by traders today. Created as a part of the Harmonic Trading methodology, these patterns identify important structural signals unlike any other strategy. Carney first introduced harmonic patterns in his first book, “The Harmonic Trader” (1998) and defined the rules that validated these structures as profitable opportunities. He produced an effective program that correctly measures and defines the best structural trading opportunities based upon harmonic patterns.

    A comprehensive and highly-configurable collection of harmonic pattern indicators suitable for use on all timeframes. A total of seven patterns are covered (AB=CD, Bat, Butterfly, Crab, and Gartley).

    Each pattern has a Watchlist as well as a Chart component. Monitor baskets of securities for pattern activity in realtime using the Watchlist components. You can easily track the status of patterns via the Watchlist interface. Visualize all historical, pending, and potential patterns using the Chart components. Audible and popup alerts can be generated for all pending and potential patterns. All of the pattern indicators are highly configurable with options provided to control pattern logic, adjust the cosmetics, and for alert generation.


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