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    Harmonic Strength Index for eSignal - Product Image

    Harmonic Strength Index for eSignal   

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    The Harmonic Strength Index (HSI) is a newly-developed oscillator that seeks to optimize the signaling properties identified in RSI by Scott Carney for the methodology of harmonic trading. Co-developed by Scott Carney and Keegan McClellan, it represents a new perspective on Wilder’s original work.

    Its principal advantage exists in the confirmation of harmonic patterns, assistance in entry point identification, measurement and monitoring of trend segments and identification of trend integrity, identification of key inflection points in price and as a tool for position management. It is designed to replace RSI for harmonic traders.

    Any product, service and/or presentation that references harmonic pattern names, terminology and illustrations must follow United States Fair Use laws (2007) where individuals, companies and industry professionals must secure express written consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C., for authorization of Trademark and Copright intellectual property.  Unauthorized use by for-profit entities is prohibited and requires consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C.  All rights reserved!