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    Harmonic Trading Volume 3: Reaction v. Reversal - Product Image

    Harmonic Trading Volume 3: Reaction v. Reversal   

    Price:  $69.95 

    Harmonic Trading Volume 3: Reaction v. Reversal
    Scott Carney's first book of new Harmonic Trading material in nearly a decade. Harmonic Trading Volume 3 is filled with proprietary ideas, unprecedented strategies and unique insights that offer a detailed yet effective explanation of the natural harmonic price mechanisms in the financial markets that distinguish the most significant opportunities in advance.  The new book builds upon the basic foundation of the Harmonic Trading methodology presented in Scott's Volume 1 (Copyright 2004/2010 2ndEd.) and Volume 2 (Copyright 2007/2010 2nd Ed), and defines exact opportunities with the greatest potential. 
    Volume 3 answers the "why questions" as well as advances the understanding of how to optimize execution and trade management decisions as precisely as the identification rules of harmonic patterns that he created.  Scott is releasing several new proprietary measurement strategies and technical concepts that will bolster the existing foundation to make it possible to accurately assess complex environments within a concise and coherent framework. 
    There will be no digital copies offered for this book. If you have further questions, please contact us at HarmonicTrader@HarmonicTrader.com

    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: Core Principles of Harmonic Trading
    Chapter 2: Standardized Harmonic Pattern Identification 
    Chapter 3: Advanced Harmonic Trading Execution Strategies
    Chapter 4: Harmonic Trading Reversal Types
    Chapter 5: Harmonic Trading Timeframes
    Chapter 6: Advanced Relative Strength (RSI) in Harmonic Trading
    Chapter 7: Advanced Harmonic Trading Management Strategies
    Chapter 8: Harmonic Trading Indicators - Harmonic Strength Index

    Copyright Scott M. Carney 2016: All Proprietary Concepts and Terminology Reserved as Trademark, Copyright and Patent-Pending Rights Ownership via USPTO.  All Rights Reserved. 

    Any product, service and/or presentation that references harmonic pattern names, terminology and illustrations must follow United States Fair Use laws (2007) where individuals, companies and industry professionals must secure express written consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C., for authorization of Trademark and Copright intellectual property.  Unauthorized use by for-profit entities is prohibited and requires consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C.  All rights reserved!