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    Introduction to Harmonic Trading Webinar - Product Image

    Introduction to Harmonic Trading Webinar   

    Price:  $29.95 

    (Approximately 40 minutes)

    This webinar is presented by Scott Carney. Scott is the creator and originator of Harmonic Trading. He coined the phrase “Harmonic Trading” and defined the concepts that comprise this approach. Over the past 10 years, Scott has advanced the basic concepts, releasing new patterns and measurement strategies that has advanced these strategies into a distinct and effective means of unlocking the market’s signals to turn patterns into profits. Scott initially defined the Harmonic Trading methodology in his 1998 book, “The Harmonic Trader.” The book has now become a classic and a must read for anyone who wants to truly understand the natural movements of the markets. He has since released two more books, “Harmonic Trading: Volume One” and “Harmonic Trading : Volume Two” which have expanded the basic principles of the approach into a comprehensive methodology.

    In this webinar, he will explain the essential principles of Harmonic Trading. He will present the primary foundation of the approach to explain why Harmonic Trading works in the financial markets as well as life! This introduction is an essential beginning to learning Harmonic Trading. The insights and information shared in this presentation established the proper mental perspective to apply these strategies to real trade opportunities.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    Origin of Harmonic Trading
    The Essentials of Fibonacci and the Fibonacci Sequence.
    The Reasons WHY Harmonic Trading works in the markets and life.
    How to apply Harmonic Trading to the markets.
    The Three Steps to Harmonic Trading
    The 10-point Harmonic Trading Plan
    The correct mental framework to avoid confusion and reduce mistakes as you learn the entire methodology
    How to prepare to look at the markets from purely a Harmonic Trading perspective to unlock the secrets that are already right in front of you!

    Trademark Note: Harmonic TradingTM is a registered trademark of Scott Carney and HarmonicTrader.com, L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

    Any product, service and/or presentation that references harmonic pattern names, terminology and illustrations must follow United States Fair Use laws (2007) where individuals, companies and industry professionals must secure express written consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C., for authorization of Trademark and Copright intellectual property.  Unauthorized use by for-profit entities is prohibited and requires consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C.  All rights reserved!