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    Tradestation AB=CD Scanner  - Product Image

    Tradestation AB=CD Scanner   

    Price:  $19.95 

    Find simple AB=CD Patterns directly on your Tradestation platform  

    The OFFICIAL Harmonic Trading Pattern Scanner for Tradestation.

    Developed by Scott Carney – the originator of the Harmonic Trading methodology , now you can let your Tradestation software find the most profitable opportunities in the financial markets.  No more manual measurements required!  No more guesswork!  No more worthless pattern utilities that simply fail to yield profitable price levels.  This is the real deal because Scott knows the correct structures that work and which do not!  He has spent the  past 18 months refining and perfecting this tool which he is now offering to ALL TRADESTATION CUSTOMERS for one low price.  Sure, there are other pattern utilities currently available but these merely copy  Scott’s work and lack the advnced logic to find the structures that consistently identify the price levels that yield substantial moves.  WE CHALLENGE ANYONE TO OFFER A BETTER PATTERN UTILITY!  Click here to learn  more about this incredibly effective tool for Tradestation.  We are so certain that this is the best pattern scanning utility that we offer a 100% guarantee – money back if you are not satisfied – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


    The AB=CD Pattern Finder


      Ever wonder why the simple AB=CD pattern is so effective?  It relates to Wave Theory and the energy behind market moves.  Click here for a brief presentation by Scott Carney – the ORIGINAL HARMONIC TRADER – for the basics behind the AB=CD.

    Now available for Tradestation, the official Harmonic Trading Pattern Scanner is offering the first in a series of releases that will become one of the finest utilities available.  We are now offering the AB=CD pattern finder that can identify, measure and illustrate these extremely powerful structures. 

    The AB=CD Pattern Scanner pinpoints the exact price levels  where reversals will occur and defines the appropriate stop loss level IN ADVANCE!  Furthermore, the utility was designed to optimize structural identification to identify only those patterns that are truly harmonic!   The proprietary algorithms designed by Scott Carney are built into the scanner to discover the most significant opportunities.    These specifications are based upon years of research to yield the best trading opportunities. 

    The Harmonic Trading Pattern Scanner possesses a variety of adjustable features to find small patterns or large and allows the user to manually adjust tolerance parameters to be as exact as possible when searching for trade opportunities.  This utility possesses the most advanced pattern recognition algorithms of any software – not just Tradestation!  We are now offering a free 30-day trial to test this amazing program for yourself!  Contact us directly at Tradestation@HarmonicTrader.com for more information.

    Any product, service and/or presentation that references harmonic pattern names, terminology and illustrations must follow United States Fair Use laws (2007) where individuals, companies and industry professionals must secure express written consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C., for authorization of Trademark and Copright intellectual property.  Unauthorized use by for-profit entities is prohibited and requires consent from Scott M. Carney-Harmonic Trader, L.L.C.  All rights reserved!